If Blonde Redhead were to ever compose the soundtrack for an artsy romantic French film, this would be it. In fact, Misery is a Butterfly ranks Blonde Redhead as the Claude Debussy of modern rock. Chewing this change may prove difficult for Blonde Redhead purists, like rednecks having trouble digesting fine French cuisine.

To that, I say “bollocks.” This change is more than welcome. For nearly, a decade Blonde Redhead have graced the underground rock world with No Wave explorations, inspired by DNA and early Sonic Youth. Blonde Redhead’s 1997 album, Fake Can Be Just as Good, is a successful blueprint of what modern No Wave should sound like. Sadly, this success has led critics to pin the band as just another derivative of Sonic Youth.

Misery is a Butterfly silences such criticism. This work moves far away from the quirky, dissonant, guitar-dominated songs Blonde Redhead are known for. To top that, there isn’t a single trace of guitar feedback! Instead, the band relies on simple, beautiful melodies with worldly instrumentation. Perhaps the band finds their No Wave flirtations to be passe, but its current fascination with art-flavored world pop is a welcomed step into a new world.

Blonde Redhead will perform with Liars at Canes on Nov. 22.