A.S. Council at a Glance

    Meeting #16

    January 21, 2004

    Public Input

    CalPIRG co-chair Matt Reents and volunteer Kelly Baker announced that CalPIRG will be hosting a Hunger Clean Up event on April 3. The organizers of the event hope to raise $4,000 to buy 15 beds for the San Diego Rescue Mission.

    Sue Park, vice president of state and district relations for Teach for America, encouraged councilmembers to consider spending two years in the Teach for America program after graduation. Park said that applications to teach for the next school year will be accepted through Feb. 15.

    Items of Immediate Consideration

    Item A

    The A.S. Council appointed Earl Warren College Interim Sophomore Senator Brandon Blades to the Internal Committee through Jan. 28.

    Items B through D

    The council approved the appointments of Emily Castor, Leo Melena and Kate Maull to the Ad Hoc Task Force on Representation Structure by consensus.


    Commissioner of Athletics Jordan Cross

    Cross reported that after two events, Eleanor Roosevelt College is in the lead for the Spirit Night competition. The competition will culminate on Jan. 30 at the Spirit Night athletic event at RIMAC Arena.

    Commissioner of Programming Alex Kushner

    Kushner also told councilmembers that WinterFest will take place on March 5. Bands for the event will be announced soon.

    Earl Warren College Freshman Senator Erik Ward

    Ward reported that the winter quarter all-campus dance, ³One Night Stand,² will occur on Jan. 23 at Porter¹s Pub from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. and is free to UCSD students. In addition to music, the event will feature light stages, a fog machine and a Z-stage.

    Old Business

    Item E

    The council approved an allocation of $400 for the Muslim Student Association to attend the MSA West Conference by consensus. The allocation was reduced from $1,320 by the Finance Committee.

    Item H

    The council approved a constitutional amendment that would make the commissioner of student advocacy an appointed position and change the dates of the commissioner¹s term to July through June with a vote of 17-1-4. The amendment must be approved by four of the six college councils before taking effect. See page 1 for more information.

    Items I through L

    The council approved the appointment of Revaz Ardesher, Jared Feldman, Steven Lei and Ted McCombs to the Ad Hoc Task Force on Representation Structure by consensus.


    Thurgood Marshall College Senior Senator and Senate Chair Sierra Catcott

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