Campus police dept. names employees of year

The UCSD Police Department recently named its employees of the year for the first time in its history.

“”I think it’s always important to recognize individuals from various areas of responsibility for their performance,”” said Chief of Police Orville King. “”We have some quality employees here, and it never hurts to say ‘thank you.'””

Ron Oshmago, Bill Paterakis and Mike Jones were the first recipients of the award, which King hopes to make an annual event.

“”Each of the guys has real strong qualities and is really into this community,”” King said.

Oshmago is the assistant supervisor of records and communications. He received the Employee of the Year award for being a dedicated, loyal and dependable supervisor, King said. Co-workers praised his positive attitude and influence on the department, as well as his effectiveness in communicating with other departments on and off campus. Oshmago also takes interest in his employees’ personal and professional development, volunteers to work many dispatch shifts, puts in more overtime than his own people, and always looks for ways to improve processes and procedures.

Paterakis is part of the Residential Security Officer program. Despite a shortage in their division this year, the RSOs feel they have still managed to perform their jobs adequately. Paterakis was recognized as an Employee of the Year for being especially attentive in his duties, even on beats that he normally doesn’t cover. In one instance, during a routine patrol of the parking structure last summer, Paterakis took the time to inspect the last cars on each level, and in one, he found a girl who had swallowed an excessive amount of pills.

Leading the patrol division in arrests and field contacts, Jones earned the Officer of the Year award for his exceptional performance in the areas of patrol operations, field training and defensive tactics. He is also a trainer in the department’s Rape Aggression Defense community outreach program. While three employees were recognized this time, King said this may not be the case in future years.

“”The idea is not to just do it,”” said Officer Al Jenkins. “”We want to recognize the people who have gone above and beyond the rest.””

King and Jenkins emphasized that the flexibility of the award allowed them to do this without feeling obligated to give out an award every year.

The Employee of the Year award is separate from other similar awards distributed by the university or the county police department.

“”This particular award is generated in house by the police department,”” Jenkins said. “”The peer group has recognized you as being a cut above, an outstanding employee.””