Letter to the Editor


“”Decision: Davis”” (Oct. 28 issue of the Guardian) pretended that the only decision is between Gray Davis and Bill Simon. No, there is another: Peter Camejo, running with the California Green Party. As a small-business owner, entrepreneur and economist, Camejo understands how to use market forces to solve social and ecological problems. He is a strong supporter of solar energy and has invented several ways of financing solar power to make it cost-effective for residents and businesses, and he is also a supporter of the UC “”Go Solar Now”” campaign. As a Venezuelan-American, Camejo understands that racism and oppression are not things of the past. Unlike both the democrats and republicans, the Green slate is not composed entirely of white men. The Greens understand that democracy can only work if everyone’s voices are heard. If you’re tired of both Davis and Simon, remember that you have a third choice: Peter Camejo for governor!

— Carl Sachs

Campus Greens