Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted festival returns to La Jolla

    Profanity sounds better when it echoes through a museum.

    At least it does at Spike & Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. It’s sick. It’s twisted. It’s at the La Jolla Contemporary Art Museum. Best of all, it’s utterly uncensored.

    Which, of course, means an audience member can shout whatever — and the fine people with Spike & Mike mean whatever — you have been holding back for fear of incarceration. Not only are a few dead hooker jokes (yes, Coco the Junkie Pimp is back!) appropriate, they are wanted.

    All those who were offended by the previous statement, stay away. It’s not just another humdrum night at the cinema; it is an event.

    It’s all about atmosphere, which begins outside. The buzz reverberating throughout the long line to get in will get your twisted juices flowing; everyone will be antsy to be offended. Grab a treat from the snack table (the brownies are divine). The weak need not worry; the friendly staff will hand you a barf bag before you enter the theater.

    Yes, a barf bag. Can it get any better?

    Actually, it can.

    Spike & Mike’s just may lure you to the other side with its inexcusable yet interesting animation.

    It is interesting because the animators are serious about their work. They come from all over the world, use diverse styles of animation, create shorts that actually question the world — plus, you know they are proud because there are several seconds of credits for each short.

    It is inexcusable (yet lovable) because it’s so darn … well, sick and twisted.

    Keep an eye out for:

    “”The Three Pigs.”” These pigs are fashion conscious, flirty and they know what they want. Old wolfie just better not bend over in the shower.

    “”The Inbreds”” is bile inducing. Boils, warts, scenes of childbirth, vomiting and gore cover only one-quarter of this stomach-churning short.

    “”Roofsex”” is a special treat. Three words explain this romance: recliners bumpin’ uglies.

    “”Happy Tree Friends”” is full of bloody humor, but mildly annoying. Numerous shorts of these happy little animals getting mutilated are played throughout the night. The theme song will make you dance, but haunts your mind for days.

    “”1300CC,”” the longest of the cartoons, manages to be touching, despite its hazy drugged fantasies and death.

    Jump on the sick and twisted bandwagon and ride it all the way down to the La Jolla Contemporary Art Museum. This just scratches the surface of the hour-and-a-half show. There is still molestation, bodily fluids, bodily functions and Satan.

    You have until Nov. 3 to nurture your sick and twisted side.

    Get to the museum early to shell out $9 for your rite of passage into the world beyond normalcy. The place gets packed. To score a free T-shirt and video, dress like a hillbilly in honor of this year’s inbreeding theme. Or, bring a sibling as your date.

    Anything goes.

    Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation

    La Jolla Contemporary Art


    Runs through Nov. 3

    $9, $2 off Sunday

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