Indecent exposer on the loose in UTC, UCSD

A series of flashing incidents over the past two months has put both the UTC area and UCSD community on alert.

Courtesy of UCSD Police Department

San Diego police detective Dan Dennis said the outbreak of indecent exposure incidents began on Aug. 29.

“”There have been 12 flashings since Aug. 29 within the UTC area, not solely concentrating within the Costa Verde apartment community,”” Dennis stated. “”The incidents have occurred within a one-mile radius.””

Based on witness accounts and composite sketches, Dennis said that the police believe one person is responsible for all of the indecent exposure incidents. Dennis said the suspect has become increasingly bolder over time.

“”The first incidents occurred on Wednesdays and Thursdays between the hours of 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.,”” Dennis said. “”But now the perpetrator has grown bolder, striking at all hours of the day and any day of the week.””

The most recent indecent exposure incident occurred to an off-campus UCSD student on Oct. 15, according to Dennis. The event is currently under investigation and Dennis declined to provide details other than that the suspect exposed himself to a female Costa Verde resident in the elevators.

“”The suspect exposed his genital area to the female resident inside the elevator,”” Dennis stated. “”He then made overt moves and conversation to make the victim look at his genitals.””

A female UCSD student and Costa Verde resident, who wished to remain unidentified for safety reasons, said the manner by which the flasher attacks is frightening.

“”The fact that this man targets girls in elevators, trapping them inside the enclosed space and then exposing himself, is just terrifying,”” the female student said.

She also said that the recent flashings have left her feeling unsafe.

“”I will never ride in the elevators again,”” she said. “”I am thinking of purchasing a taser gun.””

UCSD police detective Doug O’Dell stated that the first on-campus indecent exposure incident occurred on Oct. 13 in Lot 402.

“”The perpetrator followed four female students driving in a car into the Matthews apartment area, where he pulled alongside their vehicle,”” O’Dell said. “”The male told them that he wanted their opinion on something, at which point he raised himself up, exposing himself and then began masturbating.””

The suspect then followed the female students when they drove away, according to O’Dell, but they evaded him at Genesee Avenue.

O’Dell confirmed that the on-campus flashing incident is believed to have been committed by the same perpetrator as in the UTC area series of incidents.

According to O’Dell, the suspect is a white male with brown hair between the ages of 20 and 25, and is about 5’10 in height. The suspect was seen driving a light-colored, four-door Mitsubishi Montero Sport vehicle.

O’Dell requests that anyone with information regarding these incidents or who has encountered a similar incident to contact UCSD police at (858) 534-4359.