Film Reviews

Although this movie may seem like a pathetic attempt to employ an attractive Australian hunk as a knight in shining armor, “”A Knight’s Tale”” is a surprisingly good film about courage and social rebellion in the Middle Ages.

Heath Ledger plays the lead character, William Thatcher, an English squire determined to become a knight who does so by fooling the French nobility.

The movie revolves around tournaments and jousting, the sport in which two men on horseback run at each other with huge wooden sticks and try to knock each other down, in case you didn’t know.

It is through these tournaments that Thatcher gains popularity and comes into contact with his enemy Count Adhemar, played by Rufus Sewell. Both actors are exemplary as they play two men motivated by their competitive spirit.

Newcomer Shannyn Sossamon plays Jocelyn, the object of both men’s affection. Although completely unheard of before this film, Sossamon plays her role with realism.

The noteworthy supporting cast also adds humor and vitality to a surprisingly humorous and modern take on medieval times.

Although the story is a bit contrived, it is a great combination of modern pop music with everlasting themes of courage, love and honor.

The impressive horsemanship and sportsmanship in this movie make it appealing to males as well as females, for obvious reasons.

Ledger, unlike many other Hollywood hunks, can actually act, and his skill makes this film realistic and human.

This movie is great if you want to see an entertaining film with a respectable degree of depth. It will keep you entertained and thoroughly satisfied.

— Anne Cong-Huyen