Winterfest is Here

The festivals coordinators of the A.S. Council have announced who will be coming to Winterfest. Next week we will have a complete rundown of the bands and the event. And the winners in alphabetical order are:

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Sprung: Natives of San Diego, Sprung Monkey is one of the acts performing at Winterfest.


Lucy Pearl was formed in the summer of 1999 after Raphael Saadiq left the group he co-founded, Tony! Toni! Tone! Saadiq then teamed up with DJ Ali Shaheed from A Tribe Called Quest and with ex-En Vogue member Dawn Robinson.

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Tough: Gangsta rap artist Juvenile will peform at Winterfest next Friday.

Last November, singer and songwriter Joi replaced Robinson as the lead singer. Joi has received much praise for her debut album, “”The Pendelum Vibe”” in 1994 and “”Amoeba Cleansing Syndrome”” in 1997.


Terius Gray is better known as the gangsta rapper, Juvenile. After meeting with the owners of Cash Money records, Juvenile released “”Solja Rags”” in 1996, which was an underground hit. In 1998 he released “”400 Degreez”” and with his popularity growing, “”Solja Rags”” was rereleased.

Juvenile’s new album “”Project English”” is expected to be released March 27.


San Diego punk band Sprung Monkey is led by vocalist Steve Summers and released their first album “”Swirl”” in 1995.

After signing with Hollywood Records, their next major release was in 1998 with “”Mr. Funny Face.”” You may remember the hit radio song, “”Get ‘Em Outta Here.””

Winterfest will be Friday, Feb. 23. UCSD students get in free with a can of food and there will be a limited amount of guest tickets available.