Closed for Remodeling

Ah, Friday nights. Truly, the one night out of the week that just screams for some first-rate debauchery. All clubs in San Diego that’ll let someone under 21 enter, raise your hands …. Uh, TJ, anyone?

For years there has been talk about hosting some sort of night club at UCSD. At least, that’s what A.S. Assistant Programmer Eisha Christian says. Along with fellow Assistant Programmer Anahita Ferasat and former Programmer Cassie Williams, she had a dream: to have the most happening 18-and-over venue in all of San Diego.

The creators wanted to produce a club that would be a great alternative to the city across the border for both students and the rest of the 18-and-over crowd in San Diego. According to Christian, the appeal of the club would be unique.

“”You always hear songs such as ‘Funky Cold Medina,’ ‘Baby Got Back,’ and ‘Humpty Dance’ in clubs,”” she said. “”Now you get to see the artists themselves.””

Rob Porter of Porter’s Pub offered the venue to A.S., and UCSD’s very first night club was born.

Oddly enough, a certain Latin pop star played a pivotal role in the development of the club. Enrique Iglesias’ song, “”Rhythm Divine”” proved to be just the inspiration the creative team needed when throwing around potential names. Williams said it was from that song that the name “”Club Ritmo”” was born.

“”We wanted something exotic, something unique, something people would remember,”” said Williams. “”As it happened, ‘ritmo,’ which means ‘rhythm’ in both Italian and Spanish, was perfect.””

Christian wants the club to become something of a tradition at UCSD, and also known throughout San Diego. Christian promises the club will offer an eclectic mix of hip-hop, electronica and anything else you can groove to.

Ferasat has high hopes for the fresh new club to develop and grow.

“”We have created a certain atmosphere we hoped to attain,”” said Ferasat. “”So far it’s ghetto, but I can still dream! I just want it to be like the Pringles and Cheese Party Commercials!””

The development of Club Ritmo hasn’t been easy and could never have happened without the help of many people. Christian and Ferasat would like to thank the following cast of people who have supported them from the beginning: Scott Mantell, Kathy Lee, Tracie Davee, Steve Evans, Andy Livingston and the Deejays and Vinylphiles Club.

Club Ritmo will take a break for the next few weeks and re-open on March 2 with headliner Miss Jane of “”It’s A Fine Day”” fame. Acts for March 9 and April 6 are still to be announced. April 13 will feature “”Baby Got Back”” rapper himself, Sir Mix-A-Lot. You can do the “”Humpty Dance”” on May 4 with Digital Underground.