The Presidents want your vote this year

Just when you thought you were stuck with this president for the next four years, you might want to look at the three candidates you should’ve voted for but punched the wrong chad.

All three members of the band formerly known as The Presidents of the United States of America — Dave Dederer (bass/guitar/vocals), Chris Ballew (guitar/bass/vocals) and Jason Finn (drums) — are now back together, simply going by The Presidents.

They might not have the answers to all your burning political questions, but they definitely have their post-election party planned, bringing you what could have been the most promising platform of the election: music that makes you laugh.

The Presidents have always been remembered for their clever song-writing and tunes you could never get out of your head. The Grammy-nominated Presidents previously released two full-length records on Columbia.

Their most recent release, “”Freaked Out and Small,”” hit stores nationwide in September. This latest project has a number of new twists but still maintains the band’s original sensibility.

For this album, The Presidents didn’t rehearse the songs. They went into the studio, learned the songs, and then recorded them right on the spot, taking only three months to wrap up the entire recording process. The pure musical talent and energy created by this unique environment is evident on the 12-track compilation.

“”We just have some kind of magic when we play together,”” Dederer stated. “”I can’t describe it, can’t define it, and I don’t think any of us can take credit for it. It’s just plain dumb luck to find that kind of synchronicity, and it shouldn’t be trifled with.””

“”Freaked Out and Small”” is The Presidents’ first full release since 1996. The new album is a strange mix of what you would expect to hear from The Presidents plus something similar to the sound of punky pop rock bands like “”The Mr. T Experience.”” The Presidents’ first single, “”Tiny Explosions,”” is heavily guitar driven and more rock than comedy.

The lyrics are not quite as ridiculous as previous releases but they definitely make up for it with their new focus on the music. Five strings and half of a drum kit are all The Presidents ever needed to make their insanely catchy pop ditties.

But don’t think they’ve lost their funny bone, because tracks such as “”Jazz Guy”” and “”Jupiter”” still make you laugh and remind you why this band is so great. The new album really shows some growth for the band.

You can tell they wanted to come back strong, sounding a little different but still keeping the comedy act. Their music is fun, they have more ability with half of the equipment, and they remind us that those other presidents take themselves way too seriously.