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The UCSD club soccer team, on the strength of their 5-0-2 record in league play, was given the No. 1 ranking in the West region and invited to the national tournament in Orlando, Florida. A pumped up UCSD squad headed to the East Coast, where they handily dispatched University of Tennessee, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, and Clemson on their way to a quarterfinal slot. In the quarterfinals, they were barely edged by eventual tournament champion Texas A&M, in a heart wrenching 2-0 loss.

The UCSD soccer club was led throughout the tournament by offensive stalwarts Dana Carliss and Kevin McAllister, who were especially impressive in the Clemson game, where they had two goals apiece.

Impressive performances also came courtesy of Tyler Thompson, who was named the team’s offensive most valuable player for compiling two goals and two assists in the tournament, and Wes Roberts, the adept ball handler who contributed an inspired effort for UCSD throughout the weekend.


The Triton ice hockey team, rife with stellar players, once again proved too much for their competitors, as they absolutely demolished Sacramento State to the tune of an embarrassing 12-1 final score. UCSD skated circles around the hapless Sacramento State skaters, utilizing a full bench to tire out and demoralize the opposing squad at UTC Ice Arena Friday night in their last home game of the quarter. UCSD’s Stephen Cohen turned in a sparkling performance, netting the match’s first five goals. With the win, UCSD increased their record to 3-0, looking to continue UCSD’s fine ice hockey tradition.


Saturday, Dec. 2

* Men’s rugby vs. USC 1 p.m. at Warren field

Saturday through Sunday, Dec. 2 and Dec. 3

* Equestrian horse show at Pomona, all day

Compiled by Scott Burroughs, Staff Writer

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