Review: Charlie's Angels

They ended the series for a reason. Girls can only flip their hair and smile like dolls for so long before audiences get bored and look for other forms of entertainment.


“”Charlie’s Angels”” is overflowing with plenty of fighting action and heavy makeup. There is a sufficient amount of eye candy for both sexes to withstand the film, but I wouldn’t recommend to this one more than once. Let me explain.

The directors and producers tried their very best to imitate and ridicule the popular 1970s series. Consequently, the three Angels, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lu and Drew Barrymore, did a fine job of running around in tight, revealing clothing, looking tough yet perfectly cute and primped, and beating up some attractive bad guys without smearing their lipstick. All while they attempted to maintain the happy, yet typical, lives of independent Los Angeles women.

In spite of the predictable ending and the lack of any relevant dialogue, I was entertained for the majority of the film. However, by the end I didn’t have any trouble departing from the movie theater.

For some reason, the movie had a lighter atmosphere than the series. Some funny cameos were included; Bill Murray and Tom Green presented their quirky one-liners and L.L. Cool J dropped in for a minute or two. It was fun to watch and even more fun to make fun of, but that’s about it — no real message given, no moral to be learned.

Just a quick tip before you buy your ticket: Walk in with the notion that the movie will be horrible and it will actually turn out to be better than you expected. And don’t forget to say hi to Charlie for me.