Outback Adventures Surf Shop to Close Its Doors

The UC San Diego Outback Adventures Surf Shop announced last week that it would be shutting down this quarter. The shop has been a campus fixture since 2009.

According to shop manager Isaac Brandl, the decision was made because profits were not sufficient enough to keep the store open.

Brandl assured that the closure will not affect the other programs offered by Outback Adventures.

“The retail space is closing indefinitely; [however,] the other Outback offerings will not be affected,” Brandl said. “That includes rentals, trips, the climbing gym and our other programs.”

The Surf Shop is managed by UCSD Recreation and Outback Adventures. With the shop’s closure, University Centers will take control of the space the shop occupies and determine its use going forward.

The University Centers Advisory Board’s Associated Students representative Evan Jan told the UCSD Guardian that UCAB is already floating around ideas for replacements.

“UCAB has convened an ad-hoc committee to explore options for the Outback Surf Shop space,” Jan said. “At this point, there is no set concept for the space, and ideas have ranged from food sales to relaxation areas for students.”

Some replacement ideas that have been proposed by UCAB include a mental health space for students similar to The Zone, a new bar, a retail vendor such as Triton Outfitters, or a storage or office space.

According to UCAB Chair Luke Wang, the option to keep the Surf Shop is not off the table.

“If there is a strong desire to keep Outback Surf Shop, then maybe we can communicate with the owner,” Wang told the UCSD Guardian.

If the Surf Shop were allowed to remain on campus, administrative oversight would be transferred from UCSD Recreation to University Centers.

The decision to keep the Surf Shop will be discussed at the UCAB meeting this week.

According to Brandl, the Surf Shop will be officially removed from the campus on May 31, but the last day that it will be open to students will depend on how quickly their remaining inventory is sold. There is currently a clearance sale on all items.

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