Letter to the Editor: A Government of Criminals

We have a government of criminals. They are the greatest threat to our freedom, our democracy, our ways of life. We must fight fire with fire. An approach of appeasement is not only ineffective, it is morally wrong. Would you be civil to members of Hitler’s, or Mussolini’s fascist regime? I think not. Unfortunately, that’s the approach many take to deal with the fascists currently in power. They are equally as or more dangerous that the aforementioned regimes. So no one should try to fool themselves and others to justify the lies of the new regime. To tolerate fascism is to become a fascist. It’s time to be honest with ourselves first, and with others second.  Let’s admit it: We live under fascism with a government that is a greater threat to our democratic way of life than we have every known.

Milton Saier
Professor, Molecular Biology