Letter to the Editor: Water Trouble

Dear UCSD Guardian,

My name is Rosalynn Lozano, an Undergraduate student at UCSD, and I am
concerned for the drought in California. I come from Mendota, CA, and a
small agricultural town west of Fresno, CA. Most student do not know where
my town is, but it supplies the world with agricultural good, ranging from
Cantaloupes to corn. You name it, we have it all. Our town has little to
no water left, and is affecting everyone in my town. Families who support
themselves by picking fruit are suffering. Water is a major issue!
California should be sending water to the farmers of the central valley to
support our water crisis. My town will turn into a ghost town once the
water dries up, and there is no more work for my fellow citizens. We are
affected greatly, and in desperate need.

Rosalynn Jennifer Lozano