ASCE Releases Lineup for Sun God Festival 2015

Associated Students Concerts and Events announced that Snoop Dogg will be headlining this year’s Sun God’s Festival. The music  lineup also includes Jhene Aiko, OK Go and STRFKR, and was posted on the event’s website last Friday morning.

ASCE Director Seraphin Raya told the UCSD Guardian that ASCE used a student entertainment survey to determine which students to invite.

“Our biggest factor has and always will be student interest. After Childish Gambino, Snoop Dogg and Jhene Aiko topped the suggestions made in the ASCE Entertainment Survey,” Raya said. “We put together a diverse lineup of talent that would attract students and that we know have a great stage presence.”

Raya acknowledged Snoop Dogg does have a drug history, but stated that his music does not promote destructive behavior. 

“Our concerns lie in lethal or unsafe drug use. This includes the consumption of untested, unknown rave drugs,” Raya said. “While Snoop Dogg has a very interesting history, his music is traditionally paired with over-intoxication or party drugs.”

In regards to the selection process, Raya discussed how ASCE considers performer availability and cost.

“Our process begins with a brainstorm of different talent. This brainstorm typically yields 400 to 500 potential performers. From here, we begin the conversation with agents to see who is and is not available and within our budget,” Raya said. “From there, we take into account student interest and create first, second and third choices for each slot in the lineup.”

Raya also mentioned that security for the festival will be provided by two companies, including Staff Pro, and that the amount of paid security will be the same as in previous years. 

“Staff Pro will be the company on the field. They have always done a great job on site and this year they will not need to worry about splitting their efforts to North Campus as well,” Raya said. “Also, the move to Sunday allows them to have more of their ‘A-team’ at the event.”

Food will be provided in the beer garden and on Hopkins Lane, where identification scanners will be used to verify California IDs. Raya said ASCE was working with San Diego vendors and HDH to provide food options during the festival. 

“Our food vendor committee is currently working with local San Diego vendors to ensure that we provide an assortment of food at SGF15.  One of our requirements for food vendors is that everything on the field is priced under $10,” Raya said. “This year we are working in collaboration with HDH to bring both of their food trucks into the event for Dining Dollar options.”

The festival will also feature carnival rides, including a Ferris wheel, Sizzler, Twister, a two-story slide and a house of mirrors. Furthermore, ASCE is working with a carnival vendor to bring in other carnival games with SGF and carnival-themed prizes. Acrobatic performances will be hosted throughout the day on three to four mini stages located across the field.

Undergraduate students must register for the festival between April 4 and 24 in order to be eligible to attend the festival. Graduate student tickets are being sold for $45 at the UCSD Box Office in Price Center Plaza. Commemorative wristbands will be available for purchase at the event and the proceeds will go to Sun God For a Cause. This year’s festival charity is Photocharity, a San Diego-based organization that has a 90-percent success rate of getting homeless youth off the streets through music therapy.

Student DJs and bands will compete to perform at Sun God 2015 during the DJ Battle and Battle of Bands events being held at The Loft on April 17 and 28, respectively. Voting for the performers is open online until Friday.