Too Picky for Your Own Good? Find others like you online this Valentine’s Day.

Are you the type of person who would you rather talk about Start Trek on a date than the weather or the 2015 Sun God lineup? There’s a wide array of niche dating websites where you can find a special someone who is gluten-free or a cat-lover or—no joke—identifies as a zombie. Rather than look for love in all the wrong places, sit back, relax and click your way to the perfect date via eight of the most eccentric dating websites.

Forget flowers and jewelry; the true way to capture someone’s heart is through food. But it’s nearly impossible to share a heart-shaped pizza from Domino’s or breadsticks at Olive Garden with someone who is allergic to gluten. With this website, there’s no compromise. Gluten-Free Singles caters to those who want to find romance among fellow hummus and quinoa lovers. As a campaign against dating limitations due to dietary restrictions, this online community is the ultimate bridge from one bran muffin aficionado to another.

For those who are tired of being critically acclaimed as the single cat lady or gentleman, is the gateway to network with other Cat Fancy subscribers. Your family will be grateful to hear you found a significant other, and you’ll be glad to find a fellow feline fanatic. Even showcased on The Ellen Degeneres Show, this website is the perfect environment to initiate romantically inclined discussions based on the best Meow Mix flavor or litter box brand. And if Ellen says it’s good, it has to be.

For the average Trekkie who wants to get Kirky. Finding someone through this site will be just as easy as the Vulcan salute: With a simple sign-up and click, you’ll be on your way through a galaxy of single stars. This site hosts a community of sci-fi enthusiasts who share the passion and a lifestyle: Star Trek. Spock’s words echo, “Live long and prosper,” and that’s exactly what this website aims to do.

If the first thing you’re attracted to is brains — not intelligence but the organs themselves — then is your ticket to mental sanity. Welcome to an online community of people who consider their primary identity to be zombies. Whether you like your zombie mate to be slow-moving, fast-moving or immobile, this site will gear you for the upcoming apocalypse. No matter how many limbs you want in a partner, “The apocalypse,” as its slogan says, “doesn’t have to be lonely.”

Have a secret wedding board on Pinterest filled with photos of vintage wedding dresses, bouquets of exotic flowers, delicately frosted cakes and decorative Mason jars? Ready to move beyond the amateur dating world plagued with the fear of commitment? creates the perfect atmosphere for singles who have long passed the merely “mingle” phase. Not for the faint of heart, this site wastes no time in forming sincere and genuine relationships in just a few clicks.

Whoa, whoa — don’t jump to conclusions about bestiality. This niche site allows for enthusiastic pet lovers to find each other and share their greatest passion: their own pets! Just a simple sign-up and voila! Now you’ll have an outlet to ramble about how great Muffy is and maybe find a potential mate for your crazy Calico Sally in the process. Of course, you might want to be wary of the site’s tagline: “It’s fun, safe and anonymous — until you decide to take it further.” Hold onto cute little Benji until, you know, you take it further.

Seemingly inspired by MTV’s “Are You the One?” this dating site is perfect for those who have exhausted every dating technique and convention to find a genetically compatible match. Such perfection does come at a hefty price — two grand — for this virtual Patti Stanger. With biochemistry techniques like detecting similar DNA patterns and scanning your cells, is the slightly nontraditional yet most realistic way to a modern romance. They say money can’t buy love but not in this 21st century. Just watch Millionaire Matchmaker!

If your olfaction has a craving for manure or if you’d rather spend a day relaxing to a chorus of moos, then look no further. This site, complete with a picturesque design that looks like it came from, is a quick and easy search for fellow crop farmers. However, you’ve got to be wary. As the average American knows, Pepperidge Farm isn’t actually a farm but a cookie- making factory — who knows what kind of people search here? Are you dating Buddy from Cake Boss or an authentic farmer that likes to raise pigs? Still, with all the hard work on the farm, this site can reduce that load by a horse-ton.