Lights and Sirens 11/10

Friday, Oct. 31
3 a.m.: Drunk in Public
An adult male was causing a disturbance and refusing to leave in the Village East 1. Transported to hospital for excessive alcohol and other injuries.
11:43 p.m.: Person Down
A passing motorist reported that a male in a costume was lying down on the sidewalk. Unable to locate.

Saturday, Nov. 1
1:10 a.m.: Person Down
A Residential Security Officer reported a female passed out on a bench next to The Village Market. Transported to hospital for detox.
8:01 p.m.: Disturbance
A group of males was skateboarding and almost running into people at the Biology building. Unable to locate.

Sunday, Nov. 2
8:43 a.m.: Medical Aid
An unconscious and unresponsive toddler was possibly suffering a negative reaction to medication. Transported to hospital.
6:18 p.m.: Citizen Flagdown
The reporting group saw a possible transient with a child who didn’t appear to be homeless. The suspect took off after the group called out. Information only.

Monday, Nov. 3
12:14 a.m.: Water Leak
A Community Service Officer reported a broken water pipe that was spraying water into the air in Warren College. Information only.
12:51 p.m.: Suspicious Person
An adult male was harassing people in a Geisel Library bathroom. Field interview administered.

Tuesday, Nov. 4
5 a.m.: Citizen Contact
A female subject reported that a cab driver went out of her way to charge more money and grabbed the subject when she refused to pay. Report taken.
9 p.m.: Indecent Exposure
An adult male asked for directions at a bus stop and exposed his genitals to the reporting party. Report taken.

Wednesday, Nov. 5
4:52 p.m.: Suspicious Person
A possible burglar was on the UCTR rooftop and looked into exhaust vents for entry points. Unable to locate.
10:34 p.m.: Medical Aid
A female subject in Africa Hall experienced bad chest and back pain, along with numbness in her extremities. Transported to hospital.

Thursday, Nov. 6
7:29 a.m.: Smoke Check
Facilities Management extinguished a fire inside a trash can near Center Hall. Information only.
5 p.m.: Petty Theft
An ID card holder was stolen from Roger’s Place, resulting in a $15 loss. Online report taken.

— Andrew Huang
Senior Staff Writer