▶ Typhoon Haiyan: UCSD student organizations Kaibigang [email protected] and the Pan-Asian Staff Association have established various fundraisers to aid the victims of Typhoon Haiyan.
Kaibigang [email protected] collected canned food and clothing donations on Library Walk on Nov. 13, set up a donation bin for money and canned food in the UCSD Cross-Cultural Center and planned a Typhoon Relief Benefit Dance for Nov. 16 at Porter’s Pub.
Tickets for the benefit sold at eight dollars presale and $10 at the door. Over 250 people attended Kaibigang [email protected]’s benefit.
The Pan-Asian Staff Association has also been collecting items for donation. They suggested clothing, blankets, towels, flashlights, gloves, masks, infant formula and nonperishable food for donations.
The association will donate its items at its 8th annual Diversity Luncheon on Nov. 18.

▶ White House Info Event: UCSD’s San Diego Supercomputer Center’s projects from the Predictive Analytics Center of Excellence and Center for Large-scale Data Systems Research were recognized during the “Data to Knowledge to Action: Building New Partnerships” event held by the Obama Administration’s Networking and Information Technology R&D program.
Two SDSC projects, Benchmarking of Big Data and Sustainable Communities, were highlighted during the meeting.
The performance of Benchmarking of Big Data has been immensely improved in the last 20 years. Recently, the researchers have been investigating different strategies for big data generation.
The Sustainable Communities project works on developing infrastructure that can reduce power consumption while improving quality of life and economic development in downtown San Diego.
“It is indeed gratifying to see that some of our best and brightest are being recognized at such a high level for their work in big data applications,” SDSC Director Michael Norman said to UCSD News.

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