Senior Sendoff: Sparky Mitra

Sparky Mitra, Opinion Editor

Being a brown girl from a conservative white Texan town, I never thought my first hate mail would come from Californians displeased with my critical writing. Yet here we are, rolling with the punches, from my haters. But The UCSD Guardian’s staff has made dealing with the haters (aka fans) so worth it, and in fact, enjoyable. 

I came to the newspaper as someone who loved to write, to educate, and to rattle readers. As an elementary activist working in the Opinion section under Zara and Raymond, I grew so many skills especially related to supporting my opinions with assertions based in facts and reality. From then to now being the section’s editor, I have grown as a writer and stump speaker. I have seen immense progress in my capability to articulate my messages. This past year, I have seen some amazing growth among my own writers and am proud to see Ishir, Erik, and our new editor Marcella take our section to new heights! Here’s to more clear skies and sunny days as the Opinion section continues to put quill to paper to provoke thought and maybe ruffle some feathers. 

Sending all my love and good vibes as I sign off one last time as Opinion Editor.