Senior Sendoff: Jocelyn Brossia


Image by Alexander Olsen for The UCSD Guardian

Jocelyn Brossia, Editor-in-Chief, Advertising Director, Webmaster

Dear Thanos,

We heard that you didn’t write your senior sendoff. So, we decided to seize the opportunity to write one for you. Your brain is giganimasaurus and we supercalifragilisticexpialidociously adore your brain. Throughout your goofy time at the institution of The UCSD Guardian, which continues to be award-winning under your tenure, we deeply traversed new buxom territory and vigorously regret this endeavor of collectively writing this sentence. 

We know this year has been no easy task, with you needing to take on several different positions to keep us afloat and in the balance (hence the name Thanos). Your love for this publication inspires all of us and your talent seems to know no bounds. Without you, who knows how this year could have gone? 

You have proven time and time again that you are an incredible leader, writer, and above all, friend. It has been an honor to be led by such an extraordinary individual. Your presence will be missed and your legacy will never be forgotten. We hope you had a fantastic time in Vegas and that whoever stole your phone will fall victim to the journalism gods and their wrath.

Much love and respect,
Raymond, Alex, Adalia, Sonia, Marjorie, Elise (x2), Ramya, Reyana, Hector, Kaley, Dave, Sparky, & Chaz