Senior Sendoff: Sophia Nguyen

When I joined The UCSD Guardian in my sophomore year of college, I thought that it’d be a simple and easy extracurricular activity that would also satisfy my penchant for correcting others’ grammar mistakes. Little did I know, this potential résumé-builder would go on to be one of the highlights of my college career. 

I quickly found solace in the routine of it all — the brisk morning walks to the office, the lively Sunday production meetings, the skimming of each article, the consultation of the most sacred Guardian Style Guide (praise be the CTRL+F function). While copy work wasn’t an effortless task, I appreciated being able to default to a set of rules and applying them to others’ works. It added some much-needed calmness amidst my days of juggling school, work and social obligations. However, the people at The Guardian have been the constant throughout the uncertainty of college, especially during lockdown. 

To my stalwart team of copy editors, thank you for all of your dedication into making this paper into the polished production that it is. There aren’t enough pastries from 85°C Bakery Cafe that I could bestow upon you to show my appreciation for you all. I leave the future of The Guardian’s formatting in your capable hands. 

And to my fellow editorial board, thank you for responding to my frantic Slack DM’s and giving me a reason to look forward to Zoom meetings. It’s been an honor to work with the best staff around.

 The “Suggesting” feature in Google Docs is now forever changed for me, and I am grateful. Best of luck to all my fellow seniors!

Photo courtesy of Brenton Porter.

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