Senior Sendoff: Saida Hassan

Sometime back in Winter 2020 I decided that I seriously wanted to join The UCSD Guardian after realizing how much I missed working for a college newspaper. I had been a staff writer — and eventually the Opinions editor — at San Diego Mesa College, and it had been a wonderful experience that I still look back on fondly. I figured working for a UCSD newspaper wouldn’t be all that different, and I wasn’t wrong.

Save for the pandemic seriously marring my college experience, I can safely say that I enjoyed working for The Guardian immensely. I made some friends and managed to learn a lot about InDesign. While I’ve since decided that neither journalism nor design will be in my post employment career — at the present moment — I can say I still managed to acquire an invaluable experience. I learned how to manage a design team and delegate tasks. And I also realized the invaluable experience  of having supervisors — Zara and Hemmy, in this case — that genuinely care about the work they put in and advocating on my behalf with the school. I didn’t interact enough with Daisy to say anything about working with her, but both Praveen and Jack had their hands full in helping me do my job during the worst of the pandemic. I wish I had been able to enjoy working with them more. The only thing I really have to complain about is the school. I can definitely say that working for the school has not been very fun. 

Thanks y’all. Congrats to the class of 2022! 

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