Trends I Think will Die in 2022

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As the New Year and new quarter kick into gear, I can’t help but reflect on the year that 2021 brought us in the fashion world. From sourcing new vintage pieces, the Y2K revival, chunky boots, and the surge of subversive basics, I was personally inspired to throw my old closet away in exchange for a new one (but of course, like any other college student, I sadly did not have the funds).

A fresh start calls for new trends and although I cannot predict the future, here are some of the trends I think might die in 2022. Perhaps I am simply writing my projections and would like to see these trends end (even though I’m a hypocrite and did partake in some of these), but if they don’t come true, you can come back to this article and say, “I told you so.”

Colorful Patterns

From what I’ve seen on the internet and my mediocre observation skills, 2021 was the year of color. From the infamous House of Sunny, “Hockney Dress,” to the Maison Soksi tights, trends of bright, swirly patterns wore down so quickly that the $132.56 you spent on that dress is *probably* collecting dust in your closet. Of course, I am a victim and have indulged in the act of impulsively spending my paychecks worth on OMIGHTY dresses and maxi skirts (please don’t do that), but have now come to realize I have not worn these pieces since July of 2021. Now, I’m not saying to never buy these pieces, but much of the clothing that designers create are meant to be worn for short periods rather than lasting you a lifetime. We all love a little bit of color in our wardrobe, but I find that incorporating color into outfits through small accessories such as jewelry, hairpieces, and sunglasses might be the better move this year. 

Chunky Necklaces

Now I love the chunky necklace trend, with its glistening pearls and statement charms, but in terms of longevity, I don’t see this trend lasting past summer. Many of the necklaces I have seen myself fit to one’s “aesthetic” liking, and if you’re like me and your sense of style tends to change every so often, these necklaces will probably continue to hang around in your room. But if large amounts of hardware are your thing, layering necklaces might be the way to incorporate tons of sparkling jewelry into your wardrobe.

The I.AM.GIA Cult Fashion

Now hear me out, I find that I.AM.GIA continues to make the trendiest pieces that are really up-to-date and loved by millions, but that’s the catch: it’s a trend (and don’t get me started on its lack of inclusive sizing). Trends aren’t meant to last you years worth of wear. With the success of the television show Euphoria and the cult following that Alexa Demie has created, they have popularized the wear of glimmering matching sets for the past two years but have lasted only months after viewers have stopped raving about the show. This one is a little tricky on my end because who knows? The new season of Euphoria about to launch may cause a comeback in the realm of glitz and glam.

Wrap Halter Tops

As seen on your favorite social media influencer’s Instagram, this trend was cute, flattering, and made heads turn. But, I feel as if this piece has made its final stretch and has been overworn. Now I love the idea of wrap tops in general because they are versatile and comfortable, and who doesn’t love that? I would like to see the different ways wrap tops can be worn rather than the same, overused pattern of a halter top. There are other methods of wearing wrap tops that can easily complement your silhouette without having fabric tugging at the back of your neck.

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