Tips For Living Through Daylight Savings Darkness


Colleen Conradi

It’s that time of year again: Colder weather, more time inside, and it’s dark out before 5 p.m. I know there are lots of people out there who love to see this time of year, but if you’re one of the many like me who need sunshine and warmth, I’ve got some ways to help you through the winter! 

Sunscreen: This one may sound a bit silly, but I swear by it! Take your favorite sunscreen scent — mine is good old Coppertone — and rub a little bit of it in on your wrist. Then, throughout your day, if you need a little summertime pick-me-up, take a big whiff of that sunblock! The scent works as a way to bring you back to sunshine and summertime in a time where neither of those can be found. 

Windows: Hopefully this one is a no brainer! During the day, open the blinds and let as much natural light in as you can. If it’s not too cold out, open the windows, too for some fresh air. 

Get Outside: If it’s possible, considering both weather and the pandemic, get outside! Go for a walk, ride a bike, or even go for a drive. Fresh air and vitamin D can do nothing but help your mood and wellbeing. 

Music: Put together a playlist of your favorite summertime jams and create those warm vibes you’re missing. Extra points if you dance to get your blood pumping! When I’m feeling those winter blues and don’t feel motivated to get work done, I’ll put on my own summertime playlist and this helps me get going. 

Natural Light Lamp: You can always look online to buy lamps that are made to imitate natural light in your home. These are great for dorms or apartments that don’t get much light or don’t have enough windows to bring the sun inside. There are even some lights that are used to wake you up by creating a sort of simulated sunrise. 

Try Waking Up Early: Since the sun sets earlier, try getting yourself out of bed earlier if you can! Personally, this one is tough for me because I love to sleep in, but it does make a difference. When I sleep in and I wake up around noon, I only have about five-ish hours left of daylight, so trying to wake up a few hours earlier is worth the sunshine!