Open Letter: Our Campus Community Needs you to Vote for A.S


Guest Writer

Fellow Students,

Today marks the last day you can vote in our campus-wide elections. Before reading further, go to TritonLink and vote (

But, if you are still with me and need more convincing… read on.

Over the last four days you may have seen a barrage of Facebook posts from me, as your Associated Students Elections Manager, encouraging you to vote. I probably emailed your student organization, texted you out of the blue, or even sent you an Instagram DM to vote.

On the last day to vote, however, I wanted to write a candid letter to the student body about why you should vote from me, a fourth-year ERC student, not from me, your AS Elections Manager.

I took UCSD for granted my freshman and sophomore year. I wasn’t involved. Quite frankly: I didn’t vote in our student government elections either.

Last year, I ran for AS on the slate Tritons United, and eventually as an independent candidate. I was openly disappointed when I lost the race to be one of your campus-wide senators. However, I realized that an election loss simply means your constituents believed they would be better represented by another individual. Beliefs that were reflected in their vote. This is what truly matters.

What is most important is getting our student body the leadership they believe they need. That is something no one other than you can decide, and only you can vote to make that decision a reality.

What do YOU need? WHO do you think will recognize, respect, and advocate for those needs?

Vote for them.

I want to leave UCSD with the best representation our students believe they can have. I firmly believe every student would want that same goal if they knew they could achieve it through their vote.

Civic engagement might take initiative on your end, but voting allows your elected officials to take initiative on your behalf.

Vote to open the door to your voice being heard.
Vote to make it clear to your candidates that you want your voice heard.

As your AS Elections Manager, I apologize for all the incoming Facebook and Instagram posts you may be seeing from me over the next three hours. I am going to promote this election until the second the ballot closes because I want it to be impossible for any of you to not know it is your time to vote.

Take the initiative.

Vote for the candidates you believe will advocate for what YOU need.

We may all be miles apart, but our campus community needs you to be present in this election: our campus community needs you to vote (


Danielle Viviani – A.S. Elections Manager

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash.