A Decade of Fashion


Colleen Conradi

As the new decade begins, it would be wrong not to reflect on some of our best, and worst, style choices of the past 10 years! Let’s look back together and decide what we can carry with us through the ‘20s and what we need to leave in the 2010’s! 

2010: Hello skinny jeans! If you wore colored skinny jeans that were so tight you weren’t sure you could bend down without ripping a seam, then you were on trend, baby! Put on some Ke$ha while getting ready for school and don’t forget to top off the outfit with those new clip-on feathers in your hair!

2011: We need some sunglasses to look back at this year because of all the neon! Don’t forget to put on those little neon, spiky rubber ball earrings you just bought from Claire’s for the middle school dance! They’ll go great with that lace dress you got on sale from Forever 21. 

2012: We love a collared, button down, sleeveless top! Bonus points for wearing it with leggings and boho fringe boots. If you want to be fancy, throw on a high-low dress or skirt to impress the boy at school wearing his brand new Nike elite crew socks, school P.E. shorts, and One Direction styled hair. You can pause here to swoon.

2013: The year of comfort! Rock those halls with a PINK sweatshirt, some black leggings, and Uggs (off brand from Ross is still okay). Boys, make sure you’re buttoning that shirt all the way up to the neck!

2014: The influence of Ariana Grande was very prevalent this year. Ladies, ponytails up and high-waisted, pleated mini-skirts on! Pair the skirt with an oversized sweater or tight crop top. For the boys, the preppier the better! Put on those Chubbies-styled shorts, and Vineyard Vines t-shirts. 

2015: Hello, punk revival! Ladies and gentlemen, get yourselves to Goodwill and thrift those oversized flannels now! Doc Marten style boots or Converse in addition to a t-shirt for a band you’ve never actually listened to, but the vintage style looked cool to you in the store, will give you that extra edge in the hallways.

2016: Anything that looks like it came from Brandy Melville is welcomed. Ripped skinny jeans, tight crop-top, and that light-brown/beige oversized cardigan that everyone seems to own is right on trend, ladies! Gentlemen, baggy yet skinny jeans with an oversized t-shirt and fresh Timberlands are the way to go. 

2017: Another Brandy Melville trend to follow: flowy shorts! Comfortable and stylish, which is possibly the best combination you could ask for! T-shirt dresses and Converse are always a safe option, too! For both ladies and gentlemen, make sure you grab that denim jacket on your way out of the house! Bonus points for heart-shaped sunglasses. 

2018: A-line skirts everywhere! Plaid, corduroy, and more! Not feeling a skirt today? Break out your flowy wide leg, cropped pants and you’re on your way! For the guys out there, throw on your patterned, button up shirt and make sure you roll the short sleeves a bit. Now get on your way, you Harry Styles look-alike! 

2019: Calling all VSCO girls and e-boys! Strut your stuff with a wedged pair of espadrilles and lots of yellow! Don’t forget your scrunchies and hydroflask! Boys, time for pierced ears, an Aaron Carter haircut, and cuffed pants with a chain hanging from the belt.