Analyzing AS — The Fund Allocations in Detail

A.S. Council rolled out 162 written reports to allocate a total of $112,035.98 to 57 on-campus student organizations using a portion of its budget funded by student fees. These funds were allocated to allow a variety of groups, including Greek life, religious groups, and academic organizations, to put on 162 different events or projects over the course of Fall Quarter.

The funding for programs provided by A.S. Council is available to every undergraduate at UC San Diego who is a principal member of a registered student organization. These funds can go to a number of projects, including hosting a speaker, putting on a concert, throwing a cultural event, or having a general body meeting.

While available to everyone, student organizations are only allowed to request up to a certain amount of funding depending on how many undergraduate students are expected to attend the said program. This ranges from up to $150 for events with a predicted attendance of anywhere between one and 25 students to a potential total of $9000 in funding for events with over 501 students in attendance.

There are a number of ways to break down how this large budget was allocated. The largest allocation of all was $13,818.48 to the Multicultural Greek Council, which will fund three different events — Summerfest, the Multicultural Greek Council Fraternity and Sorority Life Conference and the MGC Info Night. Greek life, in general, received the largest plurality of the funds, with 10 different organizations falling under the greek category receiving $43,738.87 to fund 22 different projects.

Graphic by Alicia Gunawan

Science, technology, engineering, and math groups took home another large chunk of the budget — receiving $25,422.85 to fund 70 different programs. The groups receiving these funds include the Association for Computing Machinery, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, the Health and Medical Professionals Preparation Program, the Triton Engineering Student Council, the Biological Sciences Student Association, the American Chemical Society Student Affiliates, the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Professional Honor Society, the Biomedical Engineering Society, the Medical Educational Missions and Outreach, the Cognitive Science Student Association, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, the Pre-Pharmacy Society, Society of Undergraduate Mathematics Students, Insight Pre-Optometry, Microtomes, and Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

Religious student organizations took home $6,331.50 to fund 11 different programs. These groups include the Catholic Student Community, the Muslim Student Assocation, Reedemer’s Grace Church, Navigators, and 4Corners Christian Fellowship at UCSD.

The Associated Students programming funds are available to be applied for six weeks prior to the event date, with applications either being approved or denied five weeks before the prospective event date. Students interested in applying for programming funds through Associated Students can learn more about the funds in the updated online Associated Students Funding Guide.

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