BREAKING BRIEFS: UCSD Climate Action March begins at Geisel Library

The Climate Action March began at 11am in front of Geisel for the UCSD community to advocate against climate change on Friday, September 27. Organized by the UCSD Green New Deal (GND), the March is being held in concurrence to the last day of the broader Global Climate Strike campaign. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at Silent Tree in front of Geisel Library to portray their unity to halting climate change and to demand that the UCSD administration take further action on this issue.

The UCSD Green New Deal calls upon the university to better teach students about climate change, to create a specific plan to reach carbon neutrality–when carbon dioxide emissions are  offset with an equal amount of CO2 removal–by 2025, and to call upon the University of California system to create a UC-wide Green New Deal. 

Marching from Geisel, the demonstrators plan to make their way through central campus ending at the Triton Statue at Price Center East, where a rally will form for students, staff, and faculty to speak on climate change and other related issues.

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Photo courtesy of Fox 5 San Diego.

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