AS Weekly Meeting Notes ~ 5/1/2019

On May 1, Associated Students held their weekly Wednesday meeting in the Forum to discuss issues about Senate powers and student affairs, like the remaining funds left in the Senate budget.

The Senate began by debating outside affairs associated with the Advocate General, a neutral figure within A.S. who is responsible for accountability of elected student officials.

Currently, the AG is not allowed to fully exercise their civil liberties as, for example, they are not in a position to publicly disclose who they are voting for. Some senators expressed concerns about how endorsements made by the AG would diminish the figure’s neutral nature. Others, however, felt it was important for the AG to exercise their civic duties as a private citizen, especially when campaigning for student elections are taking place.

Other powers were discussed, including the A.S. President’s power to call an emergency meeting in times of crisis. This power was extended to the entire Senate, paving the way for increased efficiency in decision making.

In addition to the $180 that was issued beforehand, the Finance Committee reported it allocated an additional $712.50 for the university’s Model United Nations end-of-year banquet and its information session. The committee also set aside $178.50 for UCSD Tzu Ching’s end-of-year banquet. Fund allocations were sponsored by Nathan Park, the Financial Controller. Park also announced that there was $15,699.65 left in the annual A.S. budget for senator projects.

Later, the Legislative Committee appointed Jenna Sutherlan to fill the Advocate External for the Office of Student Affairs vacancy, per president Kiara Gomez’s sponsorship. The decision went into effect immediately and Sutherlan will hold her position until the eighth week of Spring Quarter 2019. However, it is not clear who will succeed Sutherlan as plans to appoint a student after week 8 were not discussed during the meeting.

Park sponsored a constitutional amendment relating to the Assistant Vice President of Transportation and Transformation. Once all members were present to vote on the amendment, the body unanimously voted 24-0-0 to amend the A.S. Constitution.

Photo courtesy of Associated Students UCSD.