A.S. Senator Joey Giltner Impeached by Student Senate

On April 17, Transfer Senator and former A.S. President candidate Joey Giltner sent an email to A.S. Council to announce his resignation. The day before, a resolution sponsored by A.S. President Kiara Gomez was submitted to impeach Giltner from his position. According to multiple sources associated with A.S. Council, Giltner’s request to resign was not approved, and the impeachment motion was officially passed by the council on April 17.

The impeachment submission cited the need for “honest participation” on the part of student representatives and alleged that Giltner violated A.S. election code and misused his office. One of the more immediate reasons for Giltner’s impeachment was his use of his A.S. office to secure a spot to table on Library Walk to campaign for his slate.

“I am resigning NOT because I did anything wrong,” Giltner asserted in his resignation email, “but life is too short to waste a second, and I have been already truly blessed with the time I have spent on council.”

In emails provided to the UCSD Guardian, Earl Warren College Senator Nikhil Pothuru explained how the order of the agenda for the April 17 council meeting was rearranged to prevent Giltner from resigning before being impeached.

“Impeachment happens in the New Business section [of a council meeting], and New Business comes after unfinished business on the agenda,” Porthuru explained. “Joey tried to resign right after unfinished business so that we couldn’t impeach him, so Senate reordered the schedule so that New Business was the first thing we dealt with, and then we impeached him.”

Recently, Giltner was the head of the Tritons United slate in this year’s Associated Students elections, but the entire slate was disqualified after grievances were filed over multiple campaign violations. Giltner himself was determined ineligible to run.

The day before TU’s disqualification, fifteen members formally disassociated from the slate in a signed resolution in which they declared themselves as independent candidates.

“We came into this campaign jumping at the opportunity to be a part of a returning slate to unite and responsibly represent the current undergraduate community,” Giltner the statement reads, “but have come to realize that Tritons United is based on ideals and practices that we as individuals, grounded in our morals, do no support.”

In his resignation email, Giltner thanked the council for giving him “something to do while [he] was bored in retirement.”

According to A.S. bylaws, someone new will be appointed as interim Transfer Senator to replace Giltner.

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