UC System Accepts Record Highs of In-State and Transfer Students

This year, the University of California offered admission to 95,654 Californians across all nine of its undergraduate campuses — 3,000 more students than last year according to preliminary data released last Wednesday. This came in response to pressure led by Gov. Jerry Brown and state legislators for the UC system to offer more spots to in-state residents, as well as to accommodate for more transfer students.

About three-fifths of the aggregate sum of 221,788 California-resident, out-of-state, and international applicants for the 2018-2019 academic year received admission.  

“After reviewing yet another record-breaking number of applications, our campuses have offered admission to an exceptionally talented group of students for the upcoming academic year,” UC President Janet Napolitano said in a statement.

Napolitano, said earlier this year that the university system would guarantee the admission of every incoming transfer student who met certain UC qualifications. In addition to this, the UC Academic Senate also issued a revised academic guideline of courses to complete, in order to pursue the 21 most-desired majors. This is geared substantially at aiding transfer applicants navigate their way through community college.     

The University of California, San Diego reported the second-highest volume of freshman applicants of all universities in the country, trailing only UCLA.

The following admission rates for this year’s freshman class is broken down by campus:

UC Los Angeles: 113,409 applications, 16,020 admitted, 14.1% acceptance rate

UC Berkeley: 89,294 applications, 13,582 admitted, 15.2% acceptance rate

UC Irvine: 94,866 applications, 27,334 admitted, 28.8% acceptance rate

UC San Diego: 97,670 applications, 29,577 admitted, 30.3% acceptance rate

UC Santa Barbara: 92,017 applications, 29,782 admitted, 32.4% acceptance rate

UC Davis: 77,727 applications, 32,179 admitted, 41.4% acceptance rate

UC Santa Cruz: 56,106 applications, 26,997 admitted, 48.1% acceptance rate

UC Riverside: 48,755 applications, 24,993 admitted, 51.3% acceptance rate

UC Merced: 23,778 applications, 16,821 admitted, 70.7% acceptance rate

Among freshmen applicants however, UC Freshman Admissions by Campus and Race/Ethnicity data recently pointed out how the demographic distribution of newly accepted students did not significantly deviate from that of past years:

Asian Americans remained the largest group admitted at 36 percent, followed by Latinos at 33 percent, whites at 22 percent, and African Americans at 5 percent.

The University of California’s disclosed reports also presented an increase in acceptance rates with regards to international and out-of-state students. This is following the 18-percent limit the UC Board of Regents passed last year on nonresident students at five campuses, with the exceptions of Berkeley, Irvine, Los Angeles, and San Diego — who accept higher ratios of that demographic and under the condition that they not raise the admission rates of out-of-state students.  

For  more information, visit the University of California’s Fall 2018 Admissions tables.