Letter to the Editor (4/16/17)

To whom it may concern,

I was at the official debate on Friday last week and what stood out to me is how strongly Lesly Figueroa emphasized that she and her slate were not career politicians. Leaking past images of candidates? Politics. They waited until the election started to release those pictures. Holding onto those pictures that you were so enraged about while you were campaigning for her? Politics. They only cried foul when the pictures served their purposes. Claiming that a filing mistake was a “technical glitch” even after a technical audit found nothing? Politics. They were willing to lie to cover up a mistake. Preaching accessibility and transparency even though they were the ones best-positioned for change over the past year? Politics. It is apparent that these candidates have grown comfortable in the A.S. Council bubble, simply skating from year to year with the same slate, unable to accomplish things that the entire population supports. Not bothering to reach out to a population that does not typically vote in numbers? Politics. Dennis Yeh has been the only candidate to reach out and listen to the concerns of the Chinese community about the Dalai Lama.

This is why we need an independent candidate that has not been a career A.S. Council “politician.” Their focus on talking points over results is only emphasized by the lack of progress over the years that the slate has been established. I do not want to continue an apathetic campus that just tells me to accept that lack of progress. Their focus on identity politics has left some students that aren’t their priority in the cold.

I am voting for Dennis Yeh. He brings real value and real representation to the average student.

Charles Lichtenstern, Erik Mumm

Marshall College 1st years