Sleepy Students: Where to Nap On Campus

As a commuter, it can take anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour to get home from campus. This may leave you asking the important question: “How can I take my much-needed naps?” Not to worry! There are many places around campus that you can use as ideal napping locations.

Spot number one: the six college Commuter Lounges.
Each college provides its commuters with a comfortable space to study, relax, eat and even sleep. The lounges are open to everyone and often have both tables and couches available for use.

Spot number two: Geisel Library.
Central to most places on campus, Geisel is a great place to close your eyes during breaks between classes. The upper floors are known to be silent and can facilitate great sleep while the bottom floors have a wide variety of comfortable chairs dispersed between the different areas of Geisel East and West.

Spot number three: The Zone.
The Zone is the only place on campus with a designated resting space. Students are welcome to come take naps on the large beanbags available and are also offered free tea and water.

Spot number four: grass lawns.
For those of you who enjoy resting under the sun, there are many lush, green patches of grass that are great for napping throughout UCSD. To name a few, there are grass lawns between Price Center and Library Walk, in front of Cafe Ventanas in Eleanor Roosevelt College and in front of Galbraith Hall in Revelle Plaza.

Spot number five: second floor of Price Center.
Above the madness of the food court in Price Center, there are some great couches to rest on on the second floor. The couches line the edges of both PC East and West, but a hotspot for resting is between The Zone and the Multicultural Center, because the foot traffic is limited and there are very cozy couches.

While they may not be as comfortable as your bed, check out some of these napping spots the next time you find yourself sleepy on campus!