Dinner + Movies = The Lot

Location: 7611 Fay Avenue
Hours: Hours Based on Showtime Availability
Price: $$$

Tucked away in the quiet corner of La Jolla’s Drury Lane, the LOT is an escape adventurers can’t miss. Considered by many locals to be a stylish and sophisticated commu

Courtesy of The Lot
Courtesy of The Lot

nity hub for entertainment and dining, the LOT offers more than just fancy, fresh edibles and loose, live music for the relaxed ear. With close proximity to the shoreline, a beautiful indoor atmosphere, craft cocktail bars and a wide selection of the latest blockbuster films and throwback classics, locals simply looking to kick back from a long day’s worth of work or go on an intimate date will find the LOT venue a no-brainer. It is safe to say that that the LOT humbly promises an inspiring and artistic lifestyle experience like no other.

Taken from the LOT’s breakfast menu, carefully developed by Chef Pitashny, are Garden Eggs, a breakfast entree made up of sunny-side eggs, gruyere cheese, fava beans, grilled asparagus, tomato, leeks, fresh herbs, Fresno peppers and grilled rustic bread would price at $15. No one was kidding when they said fancy. Same applies to the LOT’s lunch and dinner menus developed by local Chef Matt Sramek. Keep in mind that all three menus feature the best in local produce, meats and seafood, not to mention the broad selection of organic and vegetarian food options. But it doesn’t stop there.

Every Tuesday, movie-goers can find comfort in knowing that tickets are priced at 10 bucks for people of all ages, while for other days, ticket prices vary from $15 to as much as $21 depending on the movie. Aside from movie tickets and dining options, individuals can reserve tables at $30 and under as well as arrange private parties or a company meeting at the venue. And yes, you can invite your guests to stay for a movie or two if it’s your very own party. In the end, it all comes down to whether one wants to spill a couple bones for the experience, which many can agree is revolutionary in its integration of upscale dining and entertainment. It’s hard to find venues these days that have both elements. So don’t bother looking for similar places to the LOT in downtown San Diego, because you won’t find any. For all the first-timers who haven’t gone, the LOT is a venue worth trying.

— Ian Le Tran (Lifestyle Staff Writer)