Suspect Steals $17,000 in UCSD Parking Passes

The UCSD Police Department is currently investigating an incident in which nearly 75 parking permits were embezzled from the Gilman Parking Structure, resulting in a loss of $17,000.  The case was reported on Nov. 16.

Transportation Services Associate Director Todd Berven explained that the permits involved were of the variety in which the parking information could be manually transcribed.

“Permits are allocated to individual cashiers and are tracked appropriately,” Berven told the UCSD Guardian. “The permits in question are an older style which requires cashiers to write in information on the permit that specifies what that permit can be used for.”

According to the police department’s online crime log, officials have identified a suspect responsible for the thefts, which have been reportedly occurring since March. The UCSD Police Department declined to comment on the case.

Berven explained that the university is in the process of implementing a new system that will use license plate numbers to differentiate between individuals who have and have not paid for parking instead of distributing physical parking permits. 

“We are in the process of eliminating all permits and using technology to create a ‘permit-less’ system,” Berven said. “We have already begun testing License Plate Recognition technology with parking customers and have added new pay stations throughout campus. Using License Plate Recognition technology will be a more secure and efficient way to handle parking on campus.” 

Transportation Services is working with police officials on this ongoing investigation. Individuals with information regarding this incident can contact the UCSD Police Department’s Detective Unit at (858) 534-4359. 

Additionally, individuals whose permits have been stolen can download a missing permit report template from the Transportation Services website and turn in a physical copy to the office to receive a replacement.

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