Letter to the Editor: Overconsumption in America

To the editor:

Overconsumption has poisoned the well of America—not that the well was completely pure in the first place. When speaking on the topic of overconsumption, one generally skips ahead to the topic of capitalism and the like. While that’s fair (though I see overconsumption as a byproduct of corporatism more than capitalism), I’d argue that the first thing to pop up in one’s mind should be the environment. With the world’s population rapidly increasing by the day, overconsumption is becoming a bigger problem than many would have ever imagined. The amount of waste one discards before it’s labeled overconsumption is already high enough… We, as students of UC San Diego, should move to spread awareness of this problem around campus. While one can argue that we should put the responsibility of this burden on major corporations, I’d argue: what’s the harm in changing your daily practices to avoid overconsuming?

Ryan Balba