UCAB Designates Original Student Center Space to Black Resource Center


Brynna Bolt

University Centers Advisory Board voted to allocate an open space in Original Student Center to the Black Resource Center at its May 26 meeting.

The future of the space has been an ongoing topic of discussion for the past four weeks, with both Triton TV and Coalition for Critical Asian American Studies also expressing interest in occupying the spot. Furthermore, all three organizations previously made presentations to the board as to why their respective organization should receive the space and how each would make use of it.

UCAB previously proposed and voted on a separate motion at a meeting two weeks prior, during which they determined that CAAS would receive the location. They later made another motion to rescind the first after learning that a proxy voting member of the earlier meeting was directly involved with the organization. 

UCAB Vice Chair Luke Wang said that the reason behind the rescindment was to maintain the integrity of the board. 

“We decided a re-vote without the proxy would be the most transparent thing to do,” Wang told the UCSD Guardian.

Consequently, another voting member proposed a new motion to allocate the spot to BRC at this week’s meeting. The final tally for the vote on Tuesday stood as eight members in favor, one against and four abstentions.