Students Should Approve UCEN Referendum

Most UCSD students value the spaces that are created, physically and metaphorically, by the student organizations and resource centers which occupy Price Center and the Original Student Center. In order for these facilities to continue running smoothly, the University Centers  referendum must pass.

The current proposal is to raise students’ quarterly fees by $14 with yearly adjustments of 2.9 percent to account for inflation. Without proper funds, the university cannot resolve maintenance issues or pay for electricity, water and custodial staff. If the UCEN referendum does not pass, this will most certainly negatively impact student resource centers such as SPACES, the Cross Cultural Center and places where student life events are frequently hosted, such as the PC Ballrooms and the Loft.

While the practice of increasing fee hikes on students is a problem that needs to be addressed, this referendum is not the medium to do so. Without fully functional student centers and vendors, the quality of life on this campus will suffer. The diversity of food choices at Price Center and the hygienic standards of student restrooms will surely decline without monetary support.

If the university were to attempt to raise retail revenue and rent instead of charging students a one-time fee, then the retail vendors would likely end up increasing their prices for their services. That would simply end up costing students more money from continuously spending more on meals at Price Center. Student fees supply 64 percent of UCEN’s overall income. Until major overall systematic reforms occur, it is necessary for us to continue financially supporting our campus resources, lest we risk letting them fall into further disrepair.