Newly Renovated Triton Ballpark Hosts First Games of The Season

After four months of construction, the newly renovated Triton Ballpark opened with the first doubleheader games of the season on Feb. 1. Although construction of certain outdoor amenities will not be complete until April, the UCSD baseball team will continue to host games at the new ballpark for the remainder of the season.

Senior Associate Athletics Director Ken Grosse told the UCSD Guardian that while the baseball field has always accommodated players’ needs, the ballpark’s other facilities were in need of renovation.

“The field has always been top-notch but the outside amenities have not been up to par with the rest of our facilities,” Grosse said. “The players were literally using a doublewide trailer as a clubhouse. There were no permanent restrooms out here and no stands; they were all temporary. With [five] coaches and 36 players on the baseball team, it just wasn’t a very good [situation].”

The finished ballpark will feature a clubhouse named after UCSD’s seventh chancellor Marye Anne Fox, complete with locker rooms, showers, laundry facilities, coaches’ offices and a Hall of Fame. According to a UCSD press release, Fox was a key member of the original plans for Triton Ballpark and strongly advocated for renovations that improved athletics facilities.

Other key additions include a press box, designated areas for food trucks, fully-functioning restrooms and permanent seating arrangements for spectators, which Grosse said will enhance the overall atmosphere of the game.

“It’s going to be a way better experience. The seats are all way closer to the field, giving fans a better view of the game,” Grosse explained. “The players have new dugouts on both sides — sunken and bigger and more typical of today’s dugouts. It’s very nice. The players love it, the coaches love it and the fans are going to love it.”

He added that construction work on areas of the ballpark which are essential for game pla, finished just in time for the start of the season.

“We weren’t sure if we were actually going to get to play here because they were racing to get it done in time for this game,” Grosse said. “Fortunately, it happened, and we’re off to a good start.”

The Tritons won both games against Western Oregon University, outscoring the Wolves 40 and 8-3 in the two games, respectively.The remaining games of the series feature free admission for all fans and are scheduled for Feb. 2 and 3, with the first pitches of the evening at 6 p.m.

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