Council Forms Three New Task Forces, Mio White Resigns

Last night’s council meeting was sad and lonely due to the absence of my usual companion, A.S. meeting live blogger Hannah Bernabe. It also meant I couldn’t refer to her notes when I tuned out. However, I was remarkably involved in last night’s council meeting. It began with (surprise!) a shout-out from Kyle Heiskala.

“I don’t know if any of you noticed, but last week was the first week I didn’t speak here,” Heiskala said. “But it’s okay, because Gabriella also wasn’t there to report on it.”
Physical Sciences Senator Sierra Donaldson apparently did not notice my absence, however, and called the Guardian out — cough, cough — for reporting on her excitement for her event last week instead of the event itself. Well, I will do her justice and let you all know that her event, which happens on March 10, will highlight women in physical sciences on March 10 and will feature own physics professor, Alison Coil.

Later in the night, VP Finance Sean O’Neal turned all the way around and waved at me while advertising for his Foosh event. Is this what it feels like to be popular?
VP Student Life Linda Le reported that she attended SDSU’s student government’s divestment meeting this week.

“If you think our A.S. is structured crazy, well, their A.S. is structured even more crazy, so you can ask me about that,” Le said.

A resolution to impeach Mio White was tabled indefinitely following her resignation earlier this week.

Three ad hoc task forces were created this week. One was a committee that would focus on improving relations between A.S. Council and the six college councils. This led to a passive-aggressive back-and-forth between AVP College Affairs Meena Kaushik and Social Sciences Senator Colin King. The high point came when King read out the bylaws of Kaushik’s job description.

Although the committee was originally to be a voting one, that line was amended to make it a non-voting committee following a valid comment from O’Neal: “Since these relations are mostly dealing with emotions, I don’t think the voting process is appropriate.”

The second committee to be formed was one overseeing council reserves, while the third is a committee to restructure tradition events. Tradition events currently receive special treatment, and they fall far outside of budgetary guidelines set by the UC Office of the President. This committee is intended to analyze and appropriately adjust tradition events.

Campuswide Senator Jordan Coburn asserted that sincerely reaching out to college councils and expressing appreciation for them could make notable strides in solving relations between A.S. Council and the college councils.

I wish her idea could work, but given my recent revelations about inter-council animosities, my hopes aren’t high. If you’re wondering what I mean, please refer to my long-ass article that starts on page 1. Extra props if you read all the way through.

With that remark, the meeting came to a timely close. Until next week!