Lights and Sirens

Thursday, November 15
6:48 p.m.: Burglary alarm
? A former employee entered the Crafts Center. Report taken.

Friday, November 16
8:35 a.m.: Medical aid
? A male subject was having a seizure on an MTS bus on North Torrey Pines Road.
Transported to hospital.
8:41 a.m.: Person down
? A suspicious person was lying at the bottom of a hill at La Jolla Village Drive. Field interview administered.
11:41 a.m.: Citizen contact
? A female was vomiting inside a vehicle at Campus Service Complex Building A. Checks OK.
11:33 p.m.: Injury
? A young adult female at the intersection of Gilman Drive and Myers Drive who had been drinking fell in a bathroom and hit her head. Transported to hospital.

Saturday, November 17
5:00 p.m. – 1:20 a.m.: Vandalism
? An unknown person “damaged and removed” the victim’s window and window screen at Marshall Residence Halls. Report taken.
1:42 a.m.: Disturbance
? Two people at Tamarack Apartments were “getting ready to fight.” Information only – suspects left.
11:30 a.m.: Welfare check
? A parent at Meteor Hall was unable to contact his or her son. Information only.

Sunday, November 18
1:19 a.m.: Disturbance
? A male minor at Lot 208 was arrested for driving with a blood alcohol level above .00. Closed by adult citation.
1:22 a.m.: Traffic stop
? Someone was throwing eggs at vehicles on the intersection of North Torrey Pines Road and Pangea Drive. Field interview administered.
9:45 a.m.: Information
? A “possible psych subject” at Ralphs was yelling out “threats of harm to self and others.” Information only.
10:23 p.m.: Fire
? There was a large amount of smoke inside a room at Goldberg Hall, and there was an odor of marijuana. Report taken.

Monday, November 19
2:30 a.m.: Welfare check
? A young adult female at The Village Building 1, possibly drunk, was “acting strange and breathing funny.” Checks OK.
6:09 p.m.: Information
? A group of people on the top floor of Gilman Parking Structure were “singing.” Information only.
6:38 p.m.: Non-injury accident
? A vehicle and a bicycle collided on Scholars Drive North by The Village, but there was only property damage. Information only.

Tuesday, November 20
9:56 a.m.: Welfare check
? A male was lying on the ground near a bus stop bench at Gilman Drive. Unable to locate.
3:41 p.m.: Medical aid
? A student at York Hall felt sick after coming into contact with an “unknown chemical” in a lab. Referred to other agency — EH&S.
6:15 p.m.: Disturbance, juvenile
? A male juvenile at Thornton Hospital was refusing to get into a car with his mother. Information only.
11:06 p.m.: Citizen contact
? There was a smoke check at Sixth College Residence Halls, but the subject claimed to be “burning miscellaneous items out of boredom.” Report taken.