Lights and Sirens (Jan. 31, 2011)

    Friday, Jan. 21
    10:34 p.m.: Information
    ? A man with a notebook was seen looking at the bikes in the bike racks at Rita Atkinson Residences, claiming that he wanted to see if his friend’s bike was there. Information only.
    7:17 p.m.: Suspicious person
    ? A man was seen staring toward Latin America Hall for about an hour. Unable to locate.

    Saturday, Jan. 22
    1:44 a.m.: Suspicious person
    ? A man on crutches was seen at Central Mesa Apartments screaming into his phone while walking back and forth on the sidewalk. Checks OK.
    10:17 p.m.: Information
    ? Band members were waiting in a parking lot waiting for directions to their hotel. Information Only.

    Sunday, Jan. 23
    12:18 p.m.: Burglary
    ? Two teenagers were spotted climbing over a wall at Seaside Lounge in Robert Paine Center in wetsuits, possibly to get into the showers. Field interview administered.
    2:27 p.m.: Welfare check
    ? A man claiming to be insane was seen behind Foodworx with a trash bag, looking for a ride to the train station. Field interview administered.

    Monday, Jan. 24
    12:56 p.m.: Suspicious package
    ? A black backpack without wires, fluids or odors was tied to a railing at The Village for 20 minutes.  Information only.
    2:14 p.m.: Information
    ? A student reported that another student was being verbally threatened by her boyfriend. Information only.
    5:02 p.m.: Disturbance
    ? Two people argued over a parking spot at Lot 207. One pulled back around, got out of the car and hit the car while yelling. Field interview administered.

    Tuesday, Jan. 25
    10:55 a.m.: Traffic hazard
    ? A shopping cart was obstructing traffic on the road near Lot 401. Information only.
    1:27 p.m.: Information
    ? A man reported that his glasses and backpack left behind at Price Theater have not been turned in.  Information only.

    6:47 p.m.: Injury
    ? A bicyclist fell down and bled from the mouth near the Silent Tree at Geisel Library. Report taken.
    1:10 p.m.: Drunk in public
    ? A drunk man seemed depressed by the lower level access desk at Main Gym. Detention only.

    Wednesday, Jan. 26
    10:00 a.m.: Citizen flagdown
    A beehive was found inside a water meter. Information only.
    12:08: Injury
    ? A female fell on Scholars Lane, hurt her ankle and could not get up. Report taken.
    6:58 p.m.: Citizen contact
    ? A bunch of friends have not heard from their friend for two weeks by phone or Facebook. Some people said he may no longer be attending school. Information only.

    Thursday, Jan. 27
    2:18  a.m.: Suspicious person
    ? A student wearing a backpack was found sleeping on the second floor of Price Center East. Checks OK.
    11:12 p.m.: Suspicious persons
    ? Male transients slept for a while on the prop deck at Mandell Weiss Theater. Field interview administered.

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