Lights and Sirens (Nov. 22, 2010)

    Friday, Nov. 12

    4:05 a.m.: Drunk in public

    ? A female wearing a “multi-colored skirt” was seen “crying in the street” near the Mobil Gas Station on the corner of Gilman Drive and Villa La Jolla Drive. Information only.

    7:01 p.m.: Disturbance

    ? A group of people seen drinking “unknown what” loaded onto buses at Lot 207. No disposition.

    10:47 p.m.: Information

    ? A person was caught shining a green laser pointer at vehicles from Goldberg Hall. Verbal warning issued.

    Saturday, Nov. 13

    8:21 a.m.: Non-injury accident report

    ? A Goody’s cart “rolled down a hill into a tree” at the Thurgood Marshall Activity Center. No disposition.

    6:31 p.m.: Indecent exposure

    ? A male exposed himself to a female juvenile and was “playing with himself” at Thornton Hospital. The subject had on a “black jacket [with] no shirt under [and] black Ugg boots with tan shorts.” Report taken.

    9:21 p.m.: Welfare check

    ? A reporter said his roommate has been saying he “has a chip in his brain [and] this is life or death.” Checks OK.

    Sunday, Nov. 14

    9:18 a.m.: Hazard situation

    ? A tree fell in a parking lot on Regents Road, “taking up a few parking spaces, but did not hit any cars.” Information only.

    8:59 p.m.: Suspicious person

    ? A 30-year-old male in a “yellow jacket, white bicycle helmet and khaki pants” was seen sitting in front of Ballroom A in Price Center talking to himself since noon. Field interview administered.

    9:10 p.m.: Suspicious person

    ? A heavyset 60-year-old male, with “white hair [and] white facial hair, was seen standing at a dumpster area behind Muir Apartments. Gone on arrival.

    10:51 p.m.: Medical Aid

    ? A person “cut his finger on razor” at Marshall Apartments West. Information Only.

    Monday, Nov. 15

    1:36 a.m.: Suspicious person

    ? Two students facing the Faculty Club were seen “acting suspiciously.” One was wearing a gas mask and hid behind bushes. Unable to locate.

    11:18 a.m.: Suspicious person

    ? A white male in his 20s was spotted “going from Dumpster to Dumpster” on Muir Lane. Unable to locate.

    2:35 p.m.: Non-injury accident report

    ? A shuttle was seen colliding into a parked vehicle at the off-campus Shuttle Trailer. Report taken.

    11:14 p.m.: Disturbance, noise

    ? A large group had “gathered and [were] yelling” on the fourth floor of the Pangea Parking Structure. The reporter believed they were watching something inside the structure. Will cooperate.

    Tuesday, Nov. 16

    9:25 a.m.: Suspicious person

    ? A white female in her 40s was seen wearing a “blue UCSD sweatshirt” while sitting in the lobby of the Leichtag Building with her “dirty feet on chairs.” Field interview administered.

    2:30 p.m.: Information

    ? A 90-year-old female drove a Buick into a parked vehicle at Villa La Jolla Drive and Nobel Drive. Referred to other agency.

    6:32 p.m.: Suspicious person

    ? A male was seen lying in front of the Warren Literature Building by the recording studio. Reporter said this has become a “chronic problem.” Unable to locate.

    Thursday, Nov. 18

    7:53 a.m.: Petty theft

    ? A male transient, wearing a “red/black track suit,” was seen “taking trash bags from custodial cart” by Burger King in Price Center. Report taken.

    3:44 p.m.: Medical aid

    ? A 19-year-old female who gave blood claimed to be feeling “light-headed, dizzy [and] like she is going to pass out.” Information only.

    5:50 p.m.: Disturbance, vehicle

    ? A reporter in a white Mazda hatchback claims a person behind her with “road rage” followed her onto campus at Lot 303. Information only.

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