Lights and Sirens

Friday, Oct. 3
2:22 a.m. Alcohol contact
▶ Students were reported as drinking in the Eleanor Roosevelt College laundry room.
9:55 a.m.: Suspicious person
▶ Two white males in their 20s were seen Dumpster diving at the John Muir College apartments. Unable to locate.
2:13 p.m.: Medical aid
▶ A tree branch was reported as falling on a 3-year-old child at the International Center.
10:17 p.m.: Suicide attempt
▶ A white female with blonde hair described as “hysterical” reportedly attempted suicide after leaving FallFest at RIMAC Arena.
11:43 p.m.: General disturbance
▶ Two Asian males wearing white shirts were reported as “throwing ice and cups” at people from the roof of Price Center.

Saturday, Oct. 4
9:45 a.m.: General disturbance
▶ One black male and two white males were reported as attempting to break into a room at Africa Hall.
7:13 p.m.: Assist other agency
▶ One Asian female and two Asian males wearing dark clothing were reported as “fishing for beer” at the La Jolla Village Drive Mobil station.

Sunday, Oct. 5
1:15 a.m.: Noise disturbance
Stomping and occasional loud music was reported as “going on for a week” at North America Hall.
5:46 p.m.: Report of grand theft
▶ A female resident at Douglas Hall reported having $600 stolen from her. She claimed that “all her roommates [were] suspects,” but when confronted, “they denied it.”
10:18 p.m.: Noise disturbance
▶ “Super loud stomping” was heard from Oceania Hall residents who were skateboarding in their room. Verbal warning issued.

Monday, Oct. 6
1:41 a.m. Drunk in public
▶ A 25-year-old black male wearing a jean jacket was reported as “leaning on the wall” at Ridgewalk.
8:33 a.m.: Hazard situation
▶ An unknown subject was reported as “driving off with one of the hoses” at the Lot 507 gas pump.
10:13 a.m.: Suspicious circumstance
▶ A trail of blood was seen leading from a broken window on the third floor of the Supercomputer Center.
11:22 a.m.: Report of grand theft
▶ A Nintendo Wii and stereo system were stolen from an Earth Hall common room.
11:42 a.m.: Injury
▶ A 20-year-old female was electrocuted by a string of lights at the Warren College Room in Price Center.
11:08 p.m.: Suspicious person
▶ A 50- to 60-year-old white male with a large backpack was reported as “screaming racial things” and swearing in Lot 705.

Wednesday, Oct. 8
11:42 a.m.: Injury
▶ A tree trimmer reported bleeding after being “struck in the head with a tree limb” at the International Center.

Thursday, Oct. 9
4:36 a.m.: Suspicious circumstances
▶ An anonymous party reported hearing “someone loading metal into a vehicle” at Lot 003, and believed it was possibly petty theft in progress.
12:44 p.m.: Suspicious person
▶ A transient was seen headed toward the Scripps Institution of Oceanography lab and attempting to sleep in the bushes.