Lights and Sirens

Friday, Sept. 26
7:21 a.m.: Vandalism
▶ A tree was reported as falling on top of a vehicle parked on Regents Road.
6:08 p.m.: Vandalism
▶ Two males wearing baseball hats and white shirts were seen spray-painting the Mandeville Center hallway. Field interview administered.

Saturday, Sept. 27
6:34 a.m.: Welfare check
▶ The parent of a Tioga Hall resident reported not having heard from him in a week. Checks OK.
4:04 p.m.: Illegal parking
▶ A Mazda Miata was parked in a parking spot reserved for “mystic.”
8:17 p.m.: Medical aid
▶ A 19-year-old female reported having a swollen face, red eyes and “tingly” body after ingesting walnuts at her Tioga Hall residence.
8:49 p.m.: Medical aid
▶ A 50-year-old female was reported as passing out, then walking around in an “unstable” fashion in the Potiker Theater restroom.
9:41 p.m.: Citizen contact
▶ A male was seen handing out Koala newspapers in open Argo Hall suites. Unable to locate.
11:11 p.m.: Citizen contact
▶ Approximately 10 college-age males were reported as confronting another male student and punching him at Tioga Hall.

Sunday, Sept. 28
9:21 p.m.: Noise disturbance
▶ An unknown resident was reported as stomping on the floor repeatedly until midnight at the Miramar Street apartments.

Monday, Sept. 29
9:46 a.m.: General disturbance
▶ Twelve males, possibly in a fraternity, were seen climbing the bear statue near Cal-(IT)2.
Tuesday, Sept. 30
2:40 a.m.: Harassing phone call
▶ A female Sixth College student received harassing phone calls from a male threatening to “show up at her door” if she reported him to the police.
2:46 a.m.: Noise disturbance
▶ Students at Goldberg Hall were reported as “laughing, stomping and throwing stuff off the balcony.” Quiet on arrival.
8:28 a.m.: Citizen contact
▶ Employees at the literature department reported receiving e-mails threatening to “destroy their firewall,” messages which have since been retracted after the subject claimed to have sent them to the wrong department.
12:48 p.m.: Disabled-placard misuse
▶ A subject was reported as using a placard belonging to a deceased male at Lot 104. Arrest misdemeanor.
7:22 p.m.: Suspicious person
▶ A 6-foot-4-inch black male with a large build and braided hair was reported as carrying a “large box with candy” at Regents Road.

Wednesday, Oct. 1
10:44 p.m.: Domestic violence
▶ An Asian couple was reported as fighting on Regents Road.
11:38 p.m.: Suspicious person
▶ A subject appearing to be a black male, wearing a red ski mask and jacket, was seen at Lot 402. Field interview administered.

Thursday, Oct. 2
1:33 a.m.: Drunk in public
▶ An Asian male with a small build, wearing a red shirt, was seen urinating publicly at Lot 304. Checks OK.
9:04 a.m.: Medical aid
▶ A subject at Argo Hall complained of passing blood when urinating.