The Kooks

    {grate 4} For those who dread the mainstream monotony of MTV and the
    like, the Kooks affirm themselves as our guilty indie-pop pleasures with their
    sophomore album, Konk. After topping the charts with infectious hits like
    “Naïve” and “The Way She Moves” in 2006, the Brighton four-piece tastefully
    avoided a sophomore slump with cute love ballads in the classic charm of
    well-tailored — albeit messy-haired — blokes.

    Although Luke Pritchard’s accent is sometimes
    incomprehensibly thick in “Always Where I Need to Be,” the thought of him
    whispering sweet nothings in our ears like a hummingbird is enough to send
    ladies “arse over elbow.”

    “One Last Time” is a delightful, yet sad memoir detailing
    the potential tragedies of setting your heart at the mercy of an unrequited
    love. Coupled with delicate acoustic strumming and Pritchard lamenting, “We
    were lovers in every way/ Now I can hardly remember her face,” we can almost
    plunge into the subterranean darkness of a waning love affair and experience
    the interminable nights of tear-soaked pillows and snot-infested noses. The
    song is so beautifully composed that we want to hunt down and chastise the vamp
    who made poor Pritchard cry such sorrowful words.

    Although the last track also reveals the curious
    imprisonment of a lost love, “Tick of Time” picks a more upbeat acoustic rhythm
    and the song is sprinkled with a lighthearted tambourine. The track opens up
    with an informal jam session, Pritchard singing, “Oh honey please, don’t shed
    no tears/ As long as I’m here” before a spurt of laughter in the studio breaks
    the reverie and promises a cheerier sentiment “One Last Time.”

    With Konk’s epic debut, the bravado of the emotionally savvy
    and ever-so-dashing Kooks helps us comprehend the complexities of a love lapsed
    in time. So cheers, mate — these British rockers will make life a little easier
    in some of our most vulnerable states.

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