Lights and Sirens

Friday, Oct. 12
5:14 a.m.: Gas leak
▶ A possible leak from a rolling nitrogen tank was reported at Rebecca and John Moores Cancer Center.
11:50 a.m.: Medical aid
▶ A male was reported as having seizures in the middle of Solis Hall.
6:36 p.m.: Lost property
▶ A pair of brown Chanel sunglasses was reported as missing, after being left at the Faculty Club pasta station.

Saturday, Oct. 13
1:37 a.m.: Noninjury accident
▶ A car ran over a rock in Lot 510.
4:40 a.m.: Medical aid
▶ An 18-year-old female at Argo Hall reported throwing up after injuring her neck at a concert, and was worried about the possibility of a concussion.

Sunday, Oct. 14

1:55 a.m.: Welfare check
▶ An 18-year-old female was found unconscious and breathing outside Sixth College. Field interview administered.
2:35 a.m.: Citizen contact
▶ A female resident of Black Hall reported people standing outside her apartment door, knocking while covering the peephole.
4:25 a.m.: Drunk in public
▶ A white male with short blonde hair in his early 20s, wearing jeans and no shoes, was reported as drunk in public at Muir Commons.

Monday, Oct. 15
12:27 p.m.: Stolen vehicle
▶ A white male in his 20s was seen driving a stolen vehicle in circles at Lot 702, with the alarm going off.
5:45 p.m.: Medical aid
▶ A 17-year-old female hit her head on a wall at Argo Hall, but remained conscious and breathing.
10:48 p.m.: General disturbance
▶ Students at the Thurgood Marshall College Residence Halls were throwing water balloons at pedestrians. Unable to locate.

Tuesday, Oct. 16
12:56 a.m.: Suspicious person
▶ A male was seen on Regents Road, but only in the shadows. Unable to locate.
10:38 a.m.: General disturbance
▶ A male refused to leave the tennis courts at Spanos Athletic Training Facility, although they had been reserved for another party. Gone on arrival.
7:38 p.m.: Suspicious person
▶ A black 18-year-old male with dreadlocks was reported as selling magazines outside the Matthews Apartments. Unable to locate.
11:18 p.m.: Under influence of drugs
▶ A 6-foot tall male with a shaved head was seen dancing around the bus stop at Gilman Parking Structure.
11:44 p.m.: Suicide attempt
▶ A male wearing a white sweater was threatening suicide at Gilman Parking Structure.

Wednesday, Oct. 17
12:39 p.m.: Noninjury accident
▶ An electric motorcart was reported as hitting a pole near the Cognitive Science building.

Thursday, Oct. 18
1:40 a.m.: Suspicious person
▶ A male transient in blue jeans and flip-flops was seen at Douglas Hall, “hanging around” an event intended for residents.
7:54 p.m.: Animal call
▶ A little black dog without a leash ran toward Mandeville Auditorium on Library Walk.