Summer Movie Preview: ""The Bourne Ultimatum""

At an “”Ocean’s 13″” press event, Matt Damon said, “”The ‘Bourne’ thing I’m definitely done with.”” Which isn’t such a bad thing, considering the innumerable amounts of beyond-trilogies that distort or pervert original storylines to states of unrecognizable and incomprehensive depravity.

Audiences generally like pithiness. They generally like closure. They generally like to be able to keep track of what the hell is going on. That said, it’s a godsend that the third and final chapter of author Robert Ludlum’s book-to-movie chronicle unveils all mystery shrouding Jason Bourne’s hazy past. Suffering from retrograde amnesia as a direct result of an assault that left him for dead in “”The Bourne Identity,”” Bourne is back with a vengeance and a thirst to find the culprits that killed the one person he trusted and loved. Unable to radar-slip from the carefully focused crosshairs of his pursuers, he is determined to outmaneuver them and find out what the hell happened. He must travel to Russia, France, Spain, England and the United States – with a trail of domestic police, Interpol, federal officers and highly trained professional assassins – in order to piece together the truth behind his open-ended “”Identity.”” Aug. 3.