Council Mulls Proper Wording of Virginia Tech Condolences

Operating under a thoroughly revamped set of procedures, this week’s A.S. Council meeting began smoothly only to become ensnared in its own resolutions by the time the agenda (now called order of business) reached the “”new business”” segment.

Although the moment of silence was abolished at last week’s meeting, members used a special order to hold a moment of silence for victims of the Virginia Tech shooting and for the eighth anniversary of the Columbine shootings.

During reports, Associate Vice President Enterprise Operations Sydney Goldberg followed up on the status of the Grove Caffe. The council has 30 days from April 13 to make a decision concerning the future of the Grove, she said. President Harry Khanna said he would leave the issue up to the A.S. Enterprise Office and the new council.

“”It’s difficult for us to make a decision because there will be repercussions on the new council,”” he said.

Eleanor Roosevelt College Freshman Senator Stephanie Usry revealed a date for Snow Day, when four tons of snow will be trucked onto campus for general winter revelry. The event will take place April 26.

During committee reports, the council deliberated on whether to allow the A.S. e-mail listserv to be open to all students.

“”Everything we do here is supposed to be as transparent as possible,”” said Associate Vice President Athletic Relations Kari Gohd, who advocated an open listserv.

Vice President of Finance Conrad Ohashi disagreed.

“”The listserv is for the A.S. council to conduct business, not for other organizations to come on and announce stuff,”” he said.

The original amendment, which said that anyone who wanted to be on the listserv could do so by contacting the clerk, passed.

The main issue of the evening, however, concerned a resolution offering condolences to those affected by the Virginia Tech shootings. There were several problems concerning the draft, including the official name of the university, which is Virginia Polytechnic Institute. The draft referred to the school as Virginia Tech University. Some members advocated using the official name, while others pointed out that the Senate and even President George W. Bush refer to the school as Virginia Tech.

Thurgood Marshall College Junior Senator Kyle Samia added that he felt uncomfortable with a clause that would declare April 20 as UCSD’s official day of remembrance for victims of school shootings. Others also had concerns about the chosen date.

Some members ended the prolonged debate by referring the resolution back to a committee to send a more articulate condolence next week.

A vote on sending the resolution to committee failed 5-13 and the council proceeded to amend the resolution at the meeting, taking a 30-minute recess halfway.

At the end of the meeting, Khanna defended the new A.S. procedures and said for the most part the meeting progressed more smoothly than usual.

“”It was only when we suspended the rules that things got hairy,”” he said. “”No pun.””